Monday, September 23, 2013

How To Sell Globally

There are currently 2.1 billion people who use the Internet across 216 countries. By having a website as your storefront, your shoppers have the potential to come from all over the world. As an eCommerce merchant who wants to increase sales, you should be thinking internationally, because this is where industry experts are forecasting more growth in online sales.

One of the fastest ways to expand your existing eCommerce business is to market your goods and services to the international marketplace. This free eGuide will cover best practices for how to convert valuable international browsers into buyers, from overseas shipping options to payment methods.

In This Free eGuide:

•    Learn about global ecommerce market trends
•    Determine what countries to target
•    How to design and eCommerce store for international visitors
•    Understand language translation
•    Overseas shipping
•    Customer care for international customers
•    Fraud detection and mitigation – domestic and abroad
•    Displaying pricing in multiple currencies
•    Multi-currency processing options

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