Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Providing Customer Care to International Customers

Before you begin selling to international customers, it is important that think about how you will provide them with the same level of customer service you provide to your local buyers. Being sensitive to customer care is benefitial to both you and your customers, as it can lead to fewer chargeback services. It is essential to provide your international customers with other options besides filing a chargeback. Here are a few basic items for online customer care:

1. Provide a refund policy and display this policy clearly online.
2. Display help content in the international customer’s language.
3. Provide a way for customers to track their orders.

The last item is crucial to reducing returns and chargebacks. If you are using a larger carrier, they should provide your customer with the tracking number.

There are many methods to offering customer care to your international customers. Email customer care is effective, and easy to outsource to native speakers. Telephone-based customer care is also available through outsourced companies. However, it tends to be more expensive than email based support. As your international volume continues to grow you may also want to consider offering live customer care through your website, providing your international customers immediate help in real-time. Whichever option you choose, it is crucial that your customers feel that help is accessible, and that there are options available to them beyond simply filing a charge back. A happy customer is a customer who will return to shop again.

Key Points
• Provide a refund policy and communicate the policy clearly to customers.
• Provide help content in the customer’s language.
• Start with email-based customer care support. It is easy to outsource and it is inexpensive.
• Provide a way for customers to track their order.

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