Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Installing Magento

Installing Magento is pretty easy. You need a few things to make it work.

You need a domain and a hosting account that runs on Linux.
Some other things you need are FTP access to your hosting account and
an FTP tool. For an FTP tool use Filezilla.  Filezilla is free and makes file transfers easy.
Here are the steps to install Magento.

(1) Download the latest Magento version from (Make sure that you also download
the sample data. The sample data is a file for your MySql database and a folder of
product images.)

(2) You can save the Magento files and sample data to your local drive.

(3) Unzip the files into an empty folder.

(4) Connect to your hosting account with Filezilla. You'll enter your username and password
into Filezilla and the domain where you want to connect.

(5) Select all of the Magento files and folders from where you unzipped them. Drag the files into the html folder that appears in your web hosting account.

(6) This may take a while. It may take 30 minutes or more.

(7) While your files are being moved to your hosting account you can setup your MySql database.
Login to your hosting account and find the online tool to create a MySql database. Write down
the database name, username and password because you will need it when you install Magento.

(8) Upload the file of sample data into MySql database.

(7) Once your files are uploaded to your hosting account enter your URL for your store in your browser.

(8) You will see a Magento installation screen or wizard which will guide you through through setup.

Here is a link to installation instructions at

To make installing Magento even easier pick a web hoster that does the installation for you.
These hosters not only install Magento for you but some of them optimize their servers to run Magento. Some hosters will install Magento for you and some offer one-click installation. With one-click install you click on a Magento button and enter the directory where you want Magento to be installed. Nexcess is one hoster that will install Magento for you or give you one-click installation.
To find other hosters optimized for Magento simply do a Google search for "magento hosting."

Click here to learn more.

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