Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Design an eCommerce store to Cater to International Visitors

For our fourth blog installment, we will discuss how to update your eCommerce site for the global marketplace. After selecting the countries that you plan on targeting, the next step to take is thinking through your site design and how you can modify it to cater to those international visitors.

Ideally, your site design should funnel international visitors into their local language and content quickly, so they don’t have to navigate around your site and waste time. Visitors who have to spend time wandering around a site may get frustrated and are less likely to become customers who make purchases. A good way to present your website to customers from multiple countries is to provide them with an option to select their country when they first visit your site. One option is to simply have a drop down menu from the homepage, which then sets the browser for the chosen country and language.

It is recommended that you keep your site design simple, and void complex symbols, artwork or images. The focus of the site should be on the products that you are selling, with concise but detailed descriptions. You should always list the size and shipping weight, and use the metric system. Keep an eye out for next week’s blog, where we will discuss how to manage language translation and why it is so important.

Key Points
• To cater to international visitors, your site design should funnel international customers into their language and content as quickly and easily as possible.
• Provide your customers with a way to select their country and language.
• The site design should focus on products. Provide concise but detailed product descriptions that specify the size and weight of a product. Use the metric system.

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