Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Growth of Global eCommerce: The Latest Stats and Trends

Before we begin to outline how to increase global sales on your website by targeting international markets, we are going to provide you with a few statistics on the state of the global eCommerce economy, and how it is projected to grow. (All figures are in USD).

According to Statista Inc.’s 2013 eCommerce Dossier, Global eCommerce sales have grown from 572.50 billion in 2010 to 820.50 billion in 2012.1 This upward trend can be seen in international markets throughout the world.

B2C eCommerce sales in Western Europe grew from 208.80 billion in 2010 to 264.40 in 2012, and are expected to grow to 343.50 billion by 2015.2  According to a recent survey by market research firm eMarketer, Asia-Pacific Sales have risen by 33 percent to about 332 billion, and are expected to grow by 30 percent to 433 billion in 2013. In China specifically, eCommerce sales will grow from USD 107.48 billion in 2012, to 177.40 billion in 2013, up to 457.60 billion in 2016.3  According to a November 2011 report by the Boston Consulting Group entitled “The World’s Next eCommerce Superpower,” China is home to the largest population of internet users.4  

eMarketer also predicts that B2C eCommerce sales figures in Canda will continue to rise, from 21.45 billion in 2012, to 24.49 billion in 2013, to 34.78 billion in 2016. This upward trend also goes for Brazil, with Online travel sales volumes growing from 6.32 billion in 2012, to 7.59 billion in 2013, up to 11.68 billion in 2016.5

The A.T. Kearney’s 2012 eCommerce Index ranks the top ten countries by their eCommerce potential, using 18 infrastructure, regulatory, and retail-specific variables. China came in first, followed by Brazil, Russia, Chile, Mexico, UAE, Malaysia, Uruguay, Turkey and Oman.6  Indicators point to growth continued growth in eCommerce sales in a multitude of regions across the globe. In our next blog post we will discuss how to narrow down down which international markets to focus on.

Key Points
• Global eCommerce sales are growing and are projected to continue to grow
• China is expected to be the eCommerce market with the greatest potential
• eCommerce sales are also on the rise in Western Europe, South America, Canada, and the rest of Asia-Pacific

4 https://www.bcgperspectives.com/content/articles/retail_consumer_products_worlds_next_ecommerce_superpower/

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