Saturday, February 16, 2013

Selling Online with iPAY and Magento

One way for ecommerce businesses to expand sales is to sell into overseas markets.
To help businesses sell into overseas markets iPAY® from Planet Payment gives online
businesses the power to price and sell their products in 60+ foreign currencies. We
call this "Shop In Your Currency" where online customers see online merchandise that
is priced and sold in the customer's local currency. The price the customer sees in
their local currency is the amount the customer sees in checkout and the amount that
appears on the customer's credit card statement. "Shop In Your Currency" is now available
as an extension in Magento®. Magento is an ecommerce platform loaded with features and
built on open-source technology. Magento gives online businesses control over their
ecommerce store, catalogue, marketing and much more. Online businesses can add
"Shop In Your Currency" to Magento by downloading and installing the free iPAY Extension
for Magento Community 1.5+ and Enterprise 1.12+. Magento gives merchants the ability
to manage multiple websites and store views from one installation. When combined with
"Shop In Your Currency" online businesses can operate a store view for each overseas market
and price products in the appropriate local currency. In this blog series we will explain
more about how to use Magento and "Shop In Your Currency."

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