Monday, February 11, 2013

Browsers into Buyers: Why eCommerce Merchants Should Sell Globally

One of the fastest ways to expand your existing eCommerce business is to market your goods and services to the international marketplace. Throughout this blog series we will cover best practices for how to convert valuable international browsers into buyers, from overseas shipping options to payment methods, but first we will start with why you should be selling globally in the first place.
There are currently 2.1 billion people who use the Internet across 216 countries.1 By having a website as your storefront, your shoppers have the potential to come from all over the world. As an eCommerce merchant who wants to increase sales you should be thinking internationally, because this is where industry experts are forecasting more growth in online sales. The Goldman Sachs internet retailing report forecasts a $963B worldwide eCommerce market with 19.4% growth a year.2 Factors driving this growth include the increased availability of home computers and broadband internet access. Another key indicator that global is the direction you should be heading in as an online merchant is the growing global online presence of major retail companies like Amazon, who launched in China and Italy in 2011, and The Gap, who launched in China in 2010. The decision to start increasing sales and turning international browsers into buyers is an easy one. Next post we will get into some more detail on how to begin the process of turning your website into a virtual global storefront, focusing on how to first decide which countries to target. Key Points
  • International eCommerce is Growing
  • Industry reports and recent movements by Amazon, GAP and other online retailers point to the opportunity in overseas commerce
  • Merchants can increase their sales by targeting customers in overseas markets
  • If merchants are already selling to overseas customers consider expanding into more markets
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(1) CIA World Factbook

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